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Aprendizaje de lenguas en Second Life

Los juegos son negocios

The Virtual Reality Centre at RMIT University recently produced a prototype simulation for NSW State Rail to train staff to respond appropriately in an emergency. A virtual 3-D model of a Sydney underground station was constructed so trainees could role-play during different scenarios, «experiencing the panic, reduced vision and stress of an evacuation procedure».

Similar applications include Incident Commander, a US homeland security tool tutoring municipal officials in managing accidents or disasters, and HazMat, preparing those typically first to respond after a catastrophe. Code Orange also trains hospital workers to deal with the rapid decision-making required after mass-casualty events.

Detras de SL

Second Life runs on 2,000 Intel and Advanced Micro Devices servers in two co-location facilities in San Francisco and Dallas. The company has a commitment to open source, with servers running Debian Linux and the MySQL database.

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